Sunday, 16 January 2011

gig etc

ok, so we had a mini gig on thursday, just an apple or so long, more of a jam in a pub with other local bands than a gig. afterwards however i proceeded to get fairly, if not quite, drunk with a couple of friends up in my strangely well equipped shed (27" flatscreen and a ps2) and then the same on friday, minus the jam.

on saturday evening, couple friends round plus a girl and her boyfriend, we got ludicrously drunk, among other things and had a rather surreal night, at one point i remember ripping the shit into this boyfriend guy simply because i got bored of trying to have a normal conversation with him, and was thinking of other ways to provoke a response from him, after that things got a bit odd, pizza's appeared and disappeared out of nowhere, i mean, we were making mini raves with a lamp for fuck's sake. but, things did cool down a bit and after everyone else left me and a friend went down to the house and proceeded to have the best jamming sesh ever, in fairness, we weren't sober, so the jam was probably wank, but we gave it a bloody good go and i was funking awesome.


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