Tuesday, 11 January 2011

fuck me silly

as the title implies something of great consequence occurred today, i saw Russell Howard. that's right, Russell Fucking Howard came to my city and i was the first to see him, i'd like to establish that. i saw him first, it's my news so no one steal my thunder lest they feel my wrath of grapes (a poor pun admittedly, but better than anything else i could come up with). unfortunately, i backed out of following him down the street and then requesting a high five, so a lot of people have better stories than me, apparently someone bit him? not sure if that was a fan or hater but fairly impressive all the same.

happily that was not only the other notable occurrence today, after failing my philosophy exam (i'm assuming i failed because toward the end i misspelt the word 'what' twice and i'm still not sure if i ever got it right) i had a marvellous discovery in the co-op, their chicken tikka slices, which are warmed and rather nice, are in fact cheaper than all their sandwiches . . i know where all of my money's going from now on.

once again, thanks for reading the whole way through, see you later gang.

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