Tuesday, 19 April 2011

ok then,

OK then, so I've just realised i have too much time on my hands, not only have i got enough time to both get fucked up, and type out this blog. but i also have enough time to post a look on lookbook, i know, I'm a retard, i also know that it's both shit and gay and lame, however, if someone says that to me, then they must also have too much time on their hands, since they're commenting on random people's blogs, as opposed to, oh i don't know, socialising with real people? so I'm not entirely sure what the point of this blog was really, except to invite you all to find me on lookbook and rip the shit out of me. but, like some people say, any publicity is good publicity.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

i've been thinking..

now see i've been thinking, it all began when i was about to post a link on facebook to a song that i think summed up my mood at the time, but my friend had gotten me onto that band by posting a link to a song by the same band. so, at the time of posting this link i thought that i would just prove my coolness by popping a little thing at the start saying that i apologise for taking away coolness and individuality from any people that have posted similar links in the past (you know how 'cool' people revere knowing about a band before anyone else does), and this got me thinking, would i appear to be a person trying to be cool by posting this little note with the link? or would i be even cooler by not putting the note with the link? or would that make me seem like a wanabe punk? trying to be rebellious against 'cool' people's social conduct, so then i questioned whether or not i could fit all of the above into a facebook comment, so i'm now writing a blog post about said comment to see whether anyone would take notice and perhaps think me a cooler person for questioning the coolness of said comment. but maybe you'll think that by posting this blog post i'm pandering to the ideals of coolness, however if everyone thought like that, no one would post a mini essay on the ideals of anything, so how would anyone learn anything? i'm sure that if no one did post mini essays on things, then i wouldn't be able to post this blog. i think what i've created is a circular argument on the subject of coolness, one that probably could never be resolved . . . i don't think i'll post that link on facebook, the world can probably survive without it.

p.s. the song was eyes wide terrified by johnny foreigner

Sunday, 16 January 2011

gig etc

ok, so we had a mini gig on thursday, just an apple or so long, more of a jam in a pub with other local bands than a gig. afterwards however i proceeded to get fairly, if not quite, drunk with a couple of friends up in my strangely well equipped shed (27" flatscreen and a ps2) and then the same on friday, minus the jam.

on saturday evening, couple friends round plus a girl and her boyfriend, we got ludicrously drunk, among other things and had a rather surreal night, at one point i remember ripping the shit into this boyfriend guy simply because i got bored of trying to have a normal conversation with him, and was thinking of other ways to provoke a response from him, after that things got a bit odd, pizza's appeared and disappeared out of nowhere, i mean, we were making mini raves with a lamp for fuck's sake. but, things did cool down a bit and after everyone else left me and a friend went down to the house and proceeded to have the best jamming sesh ever, in fairness, we weren't sober, so the jam was probably wank, but we gave it a bloody good go and i was funking awesome.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

kill me now

god, had a photo shoot for the band today, yawn. thankfully it didn't last long, ten minutes to it, ten minutes shooting it and ten minutes back? i'd taken an apple which i started eating when we got there and finished when we left, so about three apples worth of time really, always an interesting denomination of time apples, they can vary so greatly on even the smallest of things. much like a jiffy in that sense, you see most us consider a jiffy to be a minute or so, yet if you look up the definition of a jiffy on wikipedia it has several different meanings depending on the field, for example, in electronics a jiffy is defined as the time between alternating power cycles, around 0.02 seconds, and in computing it is generally seen as 0.004 seconds. in the same way apples as a unit of time can have varying lengths, for example it took me ten minutes to eat one, however if you had a larger mouth one could decrease the amount of time spent eating an apple considerably.

aaanyway, going back to the band thing, it was ok i suppose, although i did have the excellent idea (mr. modest they call me) of doing a music video where we all break into a building and film it, however this did not go down AT ALL well. in the end i came up with a better idea of filming ourselves on our phones stealing things and then putting the song or whatever to it, i'm telling you, if they don't do it i bloody well will.

churs 'en beys

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

fuck me silly

as the title implies something of great consequence occurred today, i saw Russell Howard. that's right, Russell Fucking Howard came to my city and i was the first to see him, i'd like to establish that. i saw him first, it's my news so no one steal my thunder lest they feel my wrath of grapes (a poor pun admittedly, but better than anything else i could come up with). unfortunately, i backed out of following him down the street and then requesting a high five, so a lot of people have better stories than me, apparently someone bit him? not sure if that was a fan or hater but fairly impressive all the same.

happily that was not only the other notable occurrence today, after failing my philosophy exam (i'm assuming i failed because toward the end i misspelt the word 'what' twice and i'm still not sure if i ever got it right) i had a marvellous discovery in the co-op, their chicken tikka slices, which are warmed and rather nice, are in fact cheaper than all their sandwiches . . i know where all of my money's going from now on.

once again, thanks for reading the whole way through, see you later gang.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

changed it again

to all the non-followers out there, please do become a follower. basically i've recently hit a bit of a blank spot recently because of the shiteness that is call of duty black ops, so i decided to fill this blank spot with my own brand of shiteness. enjoy.

so i've just recently joined a band, nothing major but better than playing with myself i suppose, we've been rehearsing recently and i don't think it's going too badly, at least they haven't fired me yet which is a plus. we also had our first gig/ performance the other day, i say /performance because it was at a high school, and yes they were sitting down, and yes we do suck a little, and no, there were no screaming groupies. this and the fact that we were only on for 6 minutes then off again for another couple of hours made this intensely dull. luckily i was so ill i barely noticed the time, every cloud eh? thanks for reading to the end, hope you do it again some other time.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

more than alot

by chase & status (drum and bass). the first track on here is a great opener the spoken monologue on how to make a 'massive club banger' is, well, banging. the whole album is well balanced, providing highly lyrical tracks and almost purely instrumental ones, not only that but they use a variety of drums and they somehow make voices sound inhuman, whether they do this with effects or just on their own I don't know, but it does sound incredibly good. the songs all seem original, energetic and made my hairs stand up on end for a good few minutes, these duo have already made a name for themselves and will no doubt continue to do so with their with their great sound and great lyrics. listen to; music club, smash tv.