Wednesday, 12 January 2011

kill me now

god, had a photo shoot for the band today, yawn. thankfully it didn't last long, ten minutes to it, ten minutes shooting it and ten minutes back? i'd taken an apple which i started eating when we got there and finished when we left, so about three apples worth of time really, always an interesting denomination of time apples, they can vary so greatly on even the smallest of things. much like a jiffy in that sense, you see most us consider a jiffy to be a minute or so, yet if you look up the definition of a jiffy on wikipedia it has several different meanings depending on the field, for example, in electronics a jiffy is defined as the time between alternating power cycles, around 0.02 seconds, and in computing it is generally seen as 0.004 seconds. in the same way apples as a unit of time can have varying lengths, for example it took me ten minutes to eat one, however if you had a larger mouth one could decrease the amount of time spent eating an apple considerably.

aaanyway, going back to the band thing, it was ok i suppose, although i did have the excellent idea (mr. modest they call me) of doing a music video where we all break into a building and film it, however this did not go down AT ALL well. in the end i came up with a better idea of filming ourselves on our phones stealing things and then putting the song or whatever to it, i'm telling you, if they don't do it i bloody well will.

churs 'en beys

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