Sunday, 9 January 2011

changed it again

to all the non-followers out there, please do become a follower. basically i've recently hit a bit of a blank spot recently because of the shiteness that is call of duty black ops, so i decided to fill this blank spot with my own brand of shiteness. enjoy.

so i've just recently joined a band, nothing major but better than playing with myself i suppose, we've been rehearsing recently and i don't think it's going too badly, at least they haven't fired me yet which is a plus. we also had our first gig/ performance the other day, i say /performance because it was at a high school, and yes they were sitting down, and yes we do suck a little, and no, there were no screaming groupies. this and the fact that we were only on for 6 minutes then off again for another couple of hours made this intensely dull. luckily i was so ill i barely noticed the time, every cloud eh? thanks for reading to the end, hope you do it again some other time.

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