Sunday, 20 March 2011

i've been thinking..

now see i've been thinking, it all began when i was about to post a link on facebook to a song that i think summed up my mood at the time, but my friend had gotten me onto that band by posting a link to a song by the same band. so, at the time of posting this link i thought that i would just prove my coolness by popping a little thing at the start saying that i apologise for taking away coolness and individuality from any people that have posted similar links in the past (you know how 'cool' people revere knowing about a band before anyone else does), and this got me thinking, would i appear to be a person trying to be cool by posting this little note with the link? or would i be even cooler by not putting the note with the link? or would that make me seem like a wanabe punk? trying to be rebellious against 'cool' people's social conduct, so then i questioned whether or not i could fit all of the above into a facebook comment, so i'm now writing a blog post about said comment to see whether anyone would take notice and perhaps think me a cooler person for questioning the coolness of said comment. but maybe you'll think that by posting this blog post i'm pandering to the ideals of coolness, however if everyone thought like that, no one would post a mini essay on the ideals of anything, so how would anyone learn anything? i'm sure that if no one did post mini essays on things, then i wouldn't be able to post this blog. i think what i've created is a circular argument on the subject of coolness, one that probably could never be resolved . . . i don't think i'll post that link on facebook, the world can probably survive without it.

p.s. the song was eyes wide terrified by johnny foreigner

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