Tuesday, 3 November 2009

more than alot

by chase & status (drum and bass). the first track on here is a great opener the spoken monologue on how to make a 'massive club banger' is, well, banging. the whole album is well balanced, providing highly lyrical tracks and almost purely instrumental ones, not only that but they use a variety of drums and they somehow make voices sound inhuman, whether they do this with effects or just on their own I don't know, but it does sound incredibly good. the songs all seem original, energetic and made my hairs stand up on end for a good few minutes, these duo have already made a name for themselves and will no doubt continue to do so with their with their great sound and great lyrics. listen to; music club, smash tv.

the blueprint

hello, I was pretty bored, so decided to make a blog describing albums I've listened to recently, i will admit it's probably going to be shit and I'll probably give up quite soon, but even so I'll give it a go. also feel free to comment and post albums that you think are quite good or better, and i'll listen and possibly make a blog about them. Oh and btw the blog names will usually be the albums I'm reviewing, but I've decided to make an exception for this one as I felt the need to explain what i'm going to do, or lay out a blueprint if you want to be sad. Anyway i digress, sorry in advance if i do slip into some sort of rambling trail of thought, it's probably just because i need to fill up space.